Storm Shelter Operations

Storm Shelter Operations – Due to the COVID-19 concerns and the State of Emergency, the public storm shelter operation has been modified. The operation plan may be further modified as the State of Emergency continues to evolve.

For most storms, it is safest to shelter in place. Regardless of the COVID-19 concerns, it is always best to have access to a shelter very close to wherever you are. There are times when tornadic events occur with very little or no notice. You should not depend on any public shelter as a part your sheltering plan. The use of City Hall as a public storm shelter should only be used whenever there are no other options available. The City Hall Public Storm Shelter was intended to be used by those who are near the downtown Tuttle area only. The shelter should not be used by anyone who is not near the downtown Tuttle area when the tornadic threat begins.

City staff will be present at City Hall anytime a tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service to monitor weather conditions.

The public storm shelter at City Hall will be opened to the public when it is apparent a tornadic event impacting the downtown Tuttle area will “likely” occur and is imminent. Efforts will be made to keep social distancing principles in place if the building is opened. The shelter will be closed as soon as the imminent threat to the downtown Tuttle area has passed.